Dreaming of Special Getaway in Charming Czech – Private Tour

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For fast and safe booking, please contact us via email or call us. (we use WhatsApp as well)

Dreaming of Special Getaway to Charming Czech - Private Tour from Prague or Dresden

  • the guide will meet you in your hotel and the tour starts from the doorstep
  • the guide will adapt to your pace and interests
  • there will be no rush to keep the timing, we might stop for a quick coffee/beer/snack on the way in a nice local place
  • if you’d like to see any special places or monuments in Prague, just tell us in advance and we’ll include it in the itinerary
  • the dialogue is guaranteed as the guide will be there only for you


Duration: from one hour to ten hours, depends on your schedule.

Contact us for a fair price. We will get back to you asap (within 24 hours for sure).

To organise your unique experience, get in touch at info@go2bohemia.com.


Our ideas for your unique experience:

  • Three the Most Splendid Views of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland Park Tour (from Prague or Dresden)
  • Winterland Tour in Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland with a mulled wine (from Prague or Dresden)
  • The Prague City (anywhere of your choice)
  • Beer tasting with a lesson of Czech beer history
  • Tisa Rocks and the Narnia Walk (northern Czech) 
  • Mělník Chateau, originally named Pšov
  • Winery seasonal tours
  • Königstein Fortress
  • Karlštejn Castle
  • Quarry Velka Amerika, Central Bohemian Region
  • Mix of all above


Looking for your next great adventure? We can help. There are many reasons to take a day trip from Prague. And …you guessed it…Bohemian Switzerland National Park is one of those reasons. This sprawling national park is just a 90 minute drive from Prague and an hour from Dresden, but it may as well be on a different planet. You will find no trace of city life here. Home to verdant gulches, towering sandstone cliffs, peaceful swaths of farmland, quaint little villages, and majestic rock formations Bohemian Switzerland is a delight for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Our private guide’s will help you to get the most from your stay in the Czech Republic. 

We can tailor private tour anywhere you wish according to your schedule and interests.

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from €370

Why to Book with Go2Bohemia?

How to book a trip?

For fast and safe booking, please contact us via email or call us. (we use WhatsApp as well)


“The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go”

Simona has a strong experience in customer support/ relationship, management, administration, business development and she has worked in tourism for few years. She is fluent in English, Czech and Slovak languages.

Previously Simona worked for HCF organization and Willis Towers Watson Company in the UK. In 2019 she joined Cayman Travel in Czech Republic as a Business Development Manager and Coordinator.

Directly she manages Go2Bohemia “Responsible Tourism Practices“ initiatives, also oversee our tour coordination and customer service operations. Simona is most passionate about anything to do with nature and the simple things. She loves taking walks with her family or friends and seeing nature. And that’s why she has chosen to live nearby the National Park and Elbe Sandstone mountains.