The Most Splendid Views of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland Park Tour from Prague

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The Most Splendid Views of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park Tour from Prague

  • Medium active day
  • 9.3 Miles (13-15 KM) of moderate hiking
  • 7:00 a.m. start/ pick up from hotel or accommodation
  • Three main highlights
  • Duration 12 hours
  • Your passport is required for the tour


  • Bastei Bridge and Neurathen ruins 
  • The Pravcicka Gate – stone arch
  • á la carte lunch
  • Wild Gorge – boat ride
  • River Elbe – canyon views
  • Stunning photo spots
  • A local guide for the whole day


We recommend you to discover the spectacular National Park, while you are visiting Czech Republic. Are you ready not to deprive yourself from the uknown northern region? We guarantee this will turn out to be the perfect day – the tour is exceptional, whilst you can see the trio of sites in one day.

Our fantastic guides, along with our drives will take you on an intimate tour of three breathtaking national park locations. You will be mesmerized by the stunning natural formations, learn  about the locations and Czech life (in general) during our conversations throughout the day.

The tour consists of three “hikes” to stunning locations and a lunch in a local Czech restaurant. It also includes pickup and drop-off to your doorstep in Prague. We will take care of you the entire time including making sure we have couple of appropriate stops (including Water Closets ☺).

The first location is the magnificent Bastei in Saxon Switzerland National Park (including the awesome, sandst one Bastei Bridge and the ruins of the Neurathen Castle) located high above the Elbe river valley in Germany. Views are spectacular, air is fresh, and this hike is a warmup for the day.

The second location is a 2 km hike up to monumental Pravcicka Gate/ Arch in Bohemian Switzerland National Park. You will walk through dense forrest which finally opens up at the top for the view of the arch and surrounding countryside. At the top, the tour includes a drink at the restaurant which is one floor of a “summer retreat” built by one of the Habsburg princes who wanted to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Our lunch is at a well known local Czech restaurant. The food is delicious and the choice varies from traditional czech food to international dishes, followed by Czech beer, wine or a soft drink.

After delicious lunch we set off for a short drive (approx. 5 mins) through picturesgue countryside to the top of the trail leading into our third hike for the day, along the River Kamenice and through the Wild Gorge. Startlingly there is very different sense and scenery from the previous two hikes as these trails are nestled deep within the natural gorge, cut out by the stream that formed it. The trail ends at a “dinghy” boat ride which must be undertaken to get back to civilization, which includes hilarious commentary (in animated Czech, but translated but guide) by the dinghy operator who pushes the boat through the canyon with a long paddle pole.

What a perfect way to get out of the city for a day to absorb stunning countryside.

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from €160

Why to Book with Go2Bohemia?

How to book a trip?

For fast and safe booking, please contact us via email or call us. (we use WhatsApp as well)


“The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go”

Simona has a strong experience in customer support/ relationship, management, administration, business development and she has worked in tourism for few years. She is fluent in English, Czech and Slovak languages.

Previously Simona worked for HCF organization and Willis Towers Watson Company in the UK. In 2019 she joined Cayman Travel in Czech Republic as a Business Development Manager and Coordinator.

Directly she manages Go2Bohemia “Responsible Tourism Practices“ initiatives, also oversee our tour coordination and customer service operations. Simona is most passionate about anything to do with nature and the simple things. She loves taking walks with her family or friends and seeing nature. And that’s why she has chosen to live nearby the National Park and Elbe Sandstone mountains.